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Last Day Beach Excursion

You want to visit Horseshoe Bay Beach on the last day of the ship's visit but you are concerned about missing the ship departure.

Don't want to have to pay the expensive Cruise Ship Beach Excursion prices!

Well your days of worrying about this are over!

Sign up for our 'Last Day Beach' Excursion

Cost: $ 20pp round trip!

This is a 4 hour excursion to Horseshoe Bay Beach on the last day of your visit. We will pick you up at the dock where your ship is berthed and return you there 4 hours later. The following times are based on the usual departure times for the Cruise ships in the Royal Naval Dockyard.

Ship Departure Times 





Beach Departure Times





The meeting deadline for pick up at both the Ship and at the Beach is 15mins prior to these departure times.

It is entirely your responsibility to slect the correct departure time!

You will not be allowed to return on a different Beach Departure time!

The bus will depart promptly at these times so it is imperative that you meet us no later than 15 mins before the scheduled departure as stated above!. 

Failure to do so will result in your missing the bus and being left at either the ship or the beach. In such cases there will not be a refund and you will have to find another means of transportation to the beach or back to the ship!

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